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As a small business owner, Instagram is a great way to connect yourself with potential clients that can eventually turn into paying customers. With so many accounts and so little time, it can be hard to distinguish your account from others. Sometimes, Instagram can be confusing and stressful. These four apps will help you curate intentional content that gets people talking about your business and elevates your brand image.


Unfold is an app that allows users to curate your Instagram stories. Instagram stories are a unique way to connect to followers that will up your engagement and drive traffic to your profile. Whether it be posting photos of an item, sharing your recent post, or talking about your day, Instagram stories are essential and put your business at the front of a potential customer’s mind. Unfold allows you to tell an actual story through your stories. You can add text to slides and share multiple pictures in a fun, attractive layout that followers will want to click through.

Lightroom Mobile

Another important aspect of Instagram is having visually appealing, high-quality photos that look cohesive on your grid. Luckily cell phones these days take quality photos that will work great on your Instagram. Lightroom is an Adobe photo editing software used by professionals, but Lightroom Mobile is user-friendly and perfect for enhancing the look of your photos. More recently, presets have become very popular for Instagrammers and aid in giving your photos the same look and tones. Presets are a filter you can buy or make and add to your lightroom mobile


InstaBio is a simple app/tool that can help followers navigate links you might find useful to them. Once a follower clicks to view your profile, they might be interested in your website or where else they can find you. InstaBio does just that! Instead of just having one link, you can have up to 5 links followers can click through. An example of this might be having your website, Facebook, most recent blog post, and Pinterest account. Using a link tree can help you to get the most of Instagram because potential clients can find just what they’re looking for in the easiest way possible. I am currently using something similar to help potential senior spokesmodels find the correct webpage on my site.


Last but not least is Unum. Unum is an app that I have used for so long and use it to help curate my content in a way that makes sense and solidifies my Instagram theme. Unum allows me to add potential Instagram photos in a blank grid to see how they might look next to each other. Not only does it have an empty grid, but you can also log in with your Instagram, and all of your posted photos become a part of the grid too. Unum also has other great features that include analytics and the ability to schedule posts to go live.


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